Andrew Kuebeck
Metalsmith & Studio Photographer

Keyhole Culture

We are a culture of unapologetic voyeurs.  With the advent of reality television we have lost the shame that was once cast upon peeping Toms, and now live in an age where rapid access to information, scandals, and a 24 hour new cycle allow unlimited access to one another’s lives.  

In this body of work, Keyhole Culture, I am interested in how we as a society can “own” or be marked by our voyeurism. Each work depicts a cropped intimate experiences one would not traditionally see.  When worn on the chest these private moments are made public, satisfying our cultural appetites.  As badges, these pieces signifying our participation in our culture's voyeurism as well as marking the body, warning others of our membership.  

All Models Were 18 Years of Age or Older at Time of Photography
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