Andrew Kuebeck
Metalsmith & Studio Photographer

More Weight...

"She took it off his finger and wore it around her neck" is part of an extended series titled, "When he died all we had left were the memories", which explores the emotional repercussions of my father's death to cancer in 2012.  With each work, I hope in some small way to physically manifest the emotional trauma that his passing has wrought upon my family.  Each piece in the series is electroformed (a mechanical platting process), which I use as metaphor for the uncontrolled cellular growth familiar to all forms of cancer, and are comprised of pounds of grown material; making them a physical burden to wear. 


This work is my attempt to discuss some of the physical and emotional weight that has been placed on my mom after my dad's death.  They were lovingly married for 30 years, and now I see the torment that a happy marriage cut short can bring.  In the past year I have buried my dad, and served as best man at both of my brothers' weddings.  At each occasion, ironically enough, the phrase "till death do us part", constantly cycled through my head.  


So it is now even before I begin to consider if marriage is an option for myself, that I must realize that the greatest danger in marriage is surviving it.   

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