Andrew Kuebeck
Metalsmith & Studio Photographer

Rationale For Ridiculous

Fear and worry have been ever-present components of my life for as long as I can remember.  Since early childhood I can remember Christmas breaks where I’d get little sleep obsessing about what would happen in school after the break was over.  I can’t remember what I was worried about at those moments now, thankfully they must have resolved themselves somehow, but as I’ve grown older I began to look to the fears that I surround myself with and looked to the specific ways that I chose to cope with and address them.  

I found that visualization of the fear itself often seemed to help me grab a more concrete vision of what I was worried about.  For me, once I could see my enemy it’s much easier to address and fight it.  

With this body of work I am interested in exploring the personal fears and anxieties that I have experienced over my life and the ways that I have found to exaggerate the expression of these omnipresent fears to the extent that they no longer posses any real power over me.  Through jewelry pieces and objects that display these ridiculous situations, I am able to physically and emotionally interact they my own fears, taking control of them through the conscious use of them as ornament.  In this way I can reflect on the power that these fears once held, and now once seen in this ridiculous light release them.         

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